Thursday, June 11, 2015

Rain, Rain, Rain …..and more Rain (Day5)

First of all I am thrilled that I can use Live-Writer again. I really thought I had seen the end of this rather practical application. I just hate the blogger editing software.
Today’s drive started in rain and ended in rain. It was raining most of the time and when we stopped for a leg-stretcher somewhere in Indiana a thunderstorm added to our pleasure.
At times the pelting rain was so bad that I was considering to just pull over. 
1-DSC_0342Traffic on I-80 south of Chicago was terrible. In fact, I never saw it this bad before ever. We were surrounded by trucks. And from time to time a full idiot big-city-driver was adding to our entertainment by zapping between the lanes.
1-DSC_0337                                       Bea walking in a rest area
We also saw a car making intimate contact with a guardrail, where after it made an involuntary cross over 2 lanes, all that with no other vehicles hitting it. Lucky bastard!
Tonight we are holed up in South Bend, IN where we have been a couple of times earlier. Our highlight in this town is Elia’s Greek Restaurant which still serves HUGE portions at prices not even Mc.Donald can compete with. And it is all home made!


  1. Getting around Chicago seems to be the worst bit of travelling I've done in a long, long time. That Greek restaurant sounds just great. Getting the rain here now too.

  2. You making pretty good time, keep travelling safe and enjoy the journey.


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