Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Last Week

The last week has started, and we are getting antsy to hit the road. We decided to leave the trailer in Alberta as we really don't need it at home. It also makes it possible to return to Alberta for shorter periods if the need should arise. My bus company has let me know that they would love me to come back. But for now we are east-bound.
Our sightseeing van is in the shop to get the AC checked out. It already acted up last year back in California and we can't drive guests around if the AC is not working. Besides it's gonna be a hot drive across the country with a working AC. Thinking also of Molly.

Right now, the weather has taken a turn to the wet and cold, but come the weekend we'll be back in the high 20C-range.

Seems like the last three days are gonna be very busy as I am dispatched for a 3-day trip south in the province, which will keep me busy from Thursday on.

After being back in New Brunswick I will be working out a bus round trip through the Maritimes for my employer. We think that people from Western Canada might jump on the chance to see the beautiful east of the country. (Americans are welcome too :-))

And that was the daily news.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Sounds like you folks have some good plans underway & now all you have to do is get underway yourselves. Safe travels:))

  2. We too are starting our summer RV trip in a week or so,mean time visiting our son in Toronto.


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