Wednesday, June 10, 2015

More Saskatchewan, North Dakota And Wisconsin. (Day 3+4)

After a full day of resting at our friend's place we were ready to get back on the road and we were out and rolling at 6:45am. After the previous day's terrible heat this promised to be a fine day with somewhat cooler temps. Our destination was the little rural town of Underwood,ND where our long-time friends Diania and Glenn are residing. 

Rouleau, a little village at Hwy 39 was location for the making of the Corner Gas TV-series, and while we had driven along that place before we had never stopped to take a closer look. This time we did and I was thinking of AL from the Bayfield Bunch who visited the place just last fall. Did I see his foot prints in the sand? I sure did!

Just before we reached Estevan we stopped at the Souris Valley Museum and Visitor Centre. Three nice young ladies were ready to inform visitors about the area which became an economic boom area when coal was discovered. Some real huge machinery is on display at the visitor centre.

The trip through the southern part of Saskatchewan was mainly uneventful, if we don't count the traffic chaos at Estevan. We were just on top of a bridge when traffic ahead of us stopped dead in its tracks. Being on the bridge we could see far ahead and what we saw was discouraging. 

The line-up of trucks and cars was endless. And we could see a few yellow construction signs as well. This was nothing for yours truly. When the oncoming lane was available we dashed ahead in the left lane to a turn-off where we could turn around. There is another border crossing straight south of Estevan and it's only 9.5miles away.
The border crossing was reminding me of an abandoned ghost town - it was that empty of cars and activity. The female officer looked like we had disturbed in her noon nap, but she proved to be efficient and we were through the border before we knew it.

North Dakota lay before us and another 2.5hrs brought us to Underwood where our friends were in full preparation mode to get their potluck-style supper ready. And what a supper that turned out to be.

Grilled and marinated chicken, vegetables, potato salad, more salad plus an incredible dessert. California wine was on the table as well. Thanks Diania,Glenn, Carolyn and Dick for this Welcome-Meal and a great evening.

After breakfast and a morning chat around the table, our 4th day started right around 7:30. Hwy 83 brought us down to I-94 which we have followed all day through North Dakota, Minneapolis and finally into Wisconsin where we found a Super 8 at Baldwin,WI.
Underway we stopped at a truck-stop called Clearwater, where they had an incredible bakery.
The above pastry, enough for 2 people, was only 1 Dollar and a coffee was 99cts. What a place!

Tomorrow we will be driving through Illinois and into Indiana, maybe even reach beyond.

But that will be a story for another day.


  1. You are making good progress, travel safe and have fun.

  2. Dog River's Corner Gas is still looking mighty lonely.


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