Saturday, April 18, 2015

RV Conversion?

I have come into the habit of looking up Bus advertisements on Ebay. Not that I seriously consider to buy a bus, but it just interests me to know what used buses are going for these days.
$_57 (3)
So here I came across a real rarity: A DODGE Bus from 1933. It sits in Charleston,VA and is waiting for a buyer to rescue it from a destiny on the wrecking yard. The accompanying story says that it has been rescued once before  - out of a place in the woods. It was in use for the Blue and Grey Bus line which at some point was bought up by Greyhound. So there is history to this bus.
$_57 (1)
$_57 (4)
What it is gonna end up at…nobody knows. Fully restored and equipped with more modern engine and comfort it could be used by a museum or historic site. Think about it…! It sure would be an attraction in itself.
$_57 (2)
Or some crazy nut comes along and converts the 22-footer into an RV. Maybe puts some solar panels on the roof?  Would be a nice vehicle to put into “The Slabs” at Niland, CA.
$_57 (6)
I love those ideas….. as long as I don’t have to finance it.

Who stole the steering wheel?

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