Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ice Drift

Just yesterday the North Saskatchewan River was flowing free of ice,  even though a few chunks were still hanging onto the banks. Summer seemed right around the corner. When walking down to the river this afternoon the picture had changed in the most dramatic way. Not that the river had frozen again, but a massive amount of loose drifting ice were filling the river from one side to the other.
20150412_122902 - Copy 20150412_123523

The rather cold north-western wind made us reconsider yesterday’s assumption of any imminent summer weather.
20150412_123540This ice had broken loose along the upper part of the river where it comes out of the Rocky Mountains.
Sometimes the sun was out and as long as we were in protection from the strong cold wind it wasn‘t too bad.

Farther down the river path we met another dog owner lady who we had already talked to a couple of days earlier.

Molly and friends

20150412_123650She had two rescue dogs, real sweet comrades, and they were greeting Molly like an old friend, before they started a wild chase-around with each other. No, Molly is too old for wild games, so she stayed around us, and when yet another couple dog owners came along we were pretty much surrounded by dogs of all colours, shapes and sizes. Everybody seemed to have great fun and there was no growling or any sign of aggressive behaviour.

While the dogs were playing all around we had the most pleasant conversation with this lady. It just shows that our dogs are the most perfect makers of social contact. If this nice lady hadn’t had her dogs along we most likely wouldn’t ever have made contact.

Just too bad that we have less than 2 weeks left in this house.

Have a great week and thanks for coming along.

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  1. It's definitely time for the warm weather to hang around where you are at. I bet you're getting tired of the cold. Molly looks great. I was sure concerned about that coyote. Watch her close.


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