Thursday, April 9, 2015

It was Warm Enough To Bring Out The First Mosquito

Today we got the full effect of a full-blown summer day as the temperature reached 18.4C (65F) which made a single mosquito attack me.

I have been puttering around outside with modifying the mounting of our solar panel. While we used to have it set up on a roof rack for the van, I now plan to mount it on the roof of our trailer. It was very delightful to work outside with shirtsleeves rolled up.
We ran some errands in the afternoon and stopped by a Home Depot. That place was packed with shoppers purchasing garden remedies.
Molly is doing fine after yesterday’s incident and I have been thinking a lot about how she might have perceived the approaching coyote as a regular dog.
When Molly was very young she was rather skeptical to other dogs. Later she ignored them mostly, but lately she has developed a friendly  cautious-curious meeting attitude to other dogs. That means she is friendly as long as the other dog is as well. So her meeting with the coyote must have been rather on friendly terms until the coyote attacked. That’s when she screamed for help.

I have been off work since before Easter. It’s the result of cut-backs in the oil industry. They just stopped carting people around for meetings and viewings. But from Monday I will again be busy for the entire week, driving various private groups around the province.
My company has also shown interest in arranging long-range trips to the southwestern U.S. and even eastern Canada. I am very excited about this as I love long range bus trips and even get to be involved with working out itineraries.

Thanks again for dropping by!


  1. Now the long range tours is great, get to tour the country in a nice coach AND get paid for it. Hope it works out for you.

  2. So glad to hear that Molly is doing fine.

  3. So happy Molly is okay. My heart would still be going crazy after that close call. I really do hate the mosquitoes of summer. Good luck with the long range tours. That could really prove fun and interesting.


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