Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Record High And 3 Unusual RVs

22.7 C  (almost 73F) was yesterday’s high in Edmonton. It felt downright great to be on a ride into our north country. The Lesser Slave Lake was almost free of ice. Around here the trees are already showing green buds and within the next few days green leaves will signal SPRING IS HERE.

When it comes to RVs it is amazing how inventive some people can be. From a small VW-Transporter to the more sedate and stationary “Mini House” there are a lot of different individual solutions.
double VW
And here is another one very inventive Magic RV:

In Mere Seconds, This Truck Can Transform Into Something Mind-Blowing

Or what about this cute home, made of an old school bus?
01-school-bus-house02-school-bus-house                                       A wooden bumper…..
03-school-bus-house04-school-bus-house05-school-bus-house06-school-bus-house08-school-bus-house09-school-bus-house10-school-bus-house                                  Who wouldn’t want to slumber here
  Wood stove heating       Rear tail lights and a license plate are still there….


  1. Gotta love this spring weather for sure.
    Always enjoy some of the creative ideas people come up with, thanks for sharing.

  2. No telling how that old ambulance of yours is going to look like now that you have all those ideas !!

  3. Love the RV photos, thanks for posting them. It was 26C here yesterday and today cool with a high of 13C. Enjoy the heat while you can.

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