Thursday, April 23, 2015


After an incredible busy day we are finally again settled in our trailer. Compared to the place of where we have lived over the past 3 1/2 months, the “Highlands” atop of the North Saskatchewan River Valley, this is a rather simple, non-inspiring place of residence. But it will be for a short 5 weeks time only. Come June we will turn eastward once again to do a 5000km migration towards the Atlantic Ocean. Hopefully, with the weaker Canadian Dollar we will see more American Visitors coming across the border to experience Campobello Island.
The next 2 days will be significantly colder than what we have seen over the last week, but the next heat wave is already underway for the coming

Molly was showing quite a bit of bewilderment after moving back into the trailer. Every time I returned back to the trailer with an new armful of stuff from the van, she was right behind the door, clearly wondering whether I was about to leave her behind. However, after a couple of hours, as we all had settled down, she has accepted the new surroundings.

20150423_200932 20150423_201822


  1. We are looking forward to moving back into our rv soon as well.

  2. I always find it's nice to have changes on the horizon.. Always something to look forward too & heading home after a long time away is always a pretty darn nice feeling. It's an exciting advantage to living a flexible RV lifestyle

  3. You say simple and non-inspiring... but it looks so comfortable and like... well, like home.

    1. I was more referring to the outer surroundings than the interior of our trailer. We really have no nice parks around here. It's all industrial area.

  4. This has been your home before and I'm sure you'll soon feel like you're home again.

  5. Always nice to be 'home' again. I can't imagine living anywhere else other than my rig right now.


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