Sunday, April 26, 2015

A New Follower Got Me Thinking Back In Time

When looking at my blog this morning I saw that a new follower had registered. He’s No.136 in the row and I know him from way back when I was very young (well, he was young too) and had just started out working as a stage technician at a Norwegian Theatre. Svenn was an actor then and the first role I saw him in was as one of the 7 dwarfs in “Snow-White”. (Svenn is far from being a dwarf) As far as I remember the accompanying music was the one of the Walt Disney Production. The Norwegian text is still ringing in my ears:  “Heihå, heihå nå synger vi og gå…” 


It’s a long time ago – 38 years! I am right under the arrow with Svenn left of me in the picture.

It was a lot of fun, especially as I had to learn Norwegian in one hell of a hurry. Took me all of 6 weeks until I got the hang of it.

Svenn is now the head of the National Theatre on Greenland. So in a way we have become neighbours as Greenland is not that far away from the East Coast of Canada.

Back in those days, life was a lot different from what it is today. There was no internet, no little cell phones. I do remember that the theatre bought a portable phone in 1978/79. It weighed about 15 pounds and was a huge thing. It marked the beginning of a technology revolution in communications we haven’t even seen the end of to this day.  Back in those days I didn’t even have a TV. Strangely, I wasn’t unhappy.
Today, I tend to be desperate if I have no internet connection for a single day. What if I miss something? It’s definitely become a major part in most people’s lives.
And it is modern communications and the internet which lets us re-connect with friends.

Welcome as a follower, Svenn!

Thanks for dropping by.

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