Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Happy Canada Day – If You Like The Crowds

I had gone up to Cold Lake,AB for the long weekend to see old friends. Boomtown Cold Lake is 295kms northwest of Edmonton, or about a 3.5hr. drive by car. Over the past 3 days I have surprised many people by simply popping up in their midst.
Our old Church group f.ex. was already seated when I entered from the rear.  Surprise, surprise!
Of course, it rained a lot of questions and they kept me quite busy after the service.
We lived in Cold Lake for 6 years and built a lot of relationships during that time.
And today was Canada Day. I drove down to the beach which is the traditional place where the crows are gathering. With 25C most of the population seemed to be on the beach of Cold Lake. Wandering through the crowds I felt a bit like grandpa in the elementary school. Most of the people looked like students and I assume that average age was not any higher than 35yrs. Out on the lake several speedboats were cruising back and forth showing off their big engines. But the prize for best in show must have gone to a guy who was about 20ft. up in the air and moving along on a water jet engine. What a way to celebrate a National Day.

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  1. It was great weather mostly across Canada today. Sounds like you had a great time dropping in on friends.


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