Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hot Summer Days And A Decision Is Made

It was a hot night and probably the reason why I woke up at 5:30am, got the coffee going, enjoying the still quiet morning. Traffic hadn’t been awakened. I put on a CD with Oldies and just enjoyed the cool breeze wafting through the trailer.

This summer is by far the warmest I have experienced since coming to Canada.  Yet we still have no drought conditions like we had in 2002, mainly because of short thunder storms. Day temps are often around the 30C-mark. I can enjoy far-stretched grain fields when driving the bus north. Bright yellow canola fields are lighting up in between. It must be good to be a farmer these days.
Cattle herds are grazing peacefully on pastures along the highway.
In the city people are walking in light clothes some of them truly on the verge of decency and good taste.

We have been considering what to do when fall arrives and temps will be dropping. With my employment in a new company we decided not to go south this winter but tough it out in Alberta. The only unsolved question is our accommodation. As of now we have considered a few alternatives but nothing is quite definite. Of course we are dreading long commutes and right now I have only 6km to drive which really is a great asset in a city suffering from daily traffic back-up. So I would like to stay in North-West Edmonton. It is also close to the Trans-Canada Highway, a fast way to go east, west and north.
Bea will be coming west as soon as summer season is wrapping up on the island. Being reunited with the love of my life and dear Molly, will be a feast I can’t appreciate high enough.

And as time has a habit of flying by, the wait won’t be too long.

Thanks for keeping me company here.


  1. Sometimes having to make a decision can be difficult. Sometimes we do what we need to. All I have to say is that it is certainly going to be cold there. Do you want us to send you pictures of the Arizona sun this winter or prefer we not rub it in at all? :)

  2. We will miss you at the Hot Springs, so will enjoy that weather for you.
    Hope you can survive the winter there.

  3. People survive winter everywhere but you definitely need to find someplace to stay that is warm. I'm just so happy to hear that Bea and Molly will be joining you before toooooo long.


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