Thursday, June 26, 2014

And Just How Did It Go?

Thanks for your expressions of concern regarding my burned hand. Well, it turned out to be of minor importance as the spot seem to be healing much faster than I had expected. I will spare you for a photo though. A rather unexpected consequence of the burn was that my physical “fit-for-job” testing was stopped in its tracks as one had concerns of looming infections. Of course quite ridiculous, but there is really nothing to do. Whether there will be further consequences on my job start date is still unclear.

And I am sorry that I did not remember to take pictures of the barber shop, it just didn’t occur to me at the moment.

It has gotten truly busy at the RV dealership. Most 30 RVs have been parked here now and more are coming from different storage sites around the area. Pictures of that will follow, but I am again limited to Mc.Donalds for internet. I CAN use the internet through my smart phone, however, the monthly limit is too narrow to make a whole lot of use of it. And there is really nothing wrong with McCafe and Company. In fact the coffee is a whole lot cheaper than at Tim Hortons and I like it. My newest discovery are Mc.Donalds Blueberry Muffins. When you can get them fresh from the oven they are downright delicious. I do stay away from their burgers and such. They are way too messy.

Alright, it’s still early in the morning and not a whole lot has happened yet. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Thanks again for stopping by.



  1. Too bad about the job training, but good that your hand is healing faster.

  2. McDonalds upped the quality of their coffee a number of years ago & I like it as well. Tim Hortons of course is tops with McDonalds being second. For me Starbucks isn't even in the running & I fully understand why they call it Charbucks. Also like the Blueberry muffins at McD's but it is the Carrot muffins I usually go for. I don't mind one of their Angus burgers once in a long while.......

  3. I finally got to go to a Tim Horton's but would you believe didn't feel like coffee but did have a very nice sandwich. I do like McDonalds Coffee. Can't beat a Sr. coffee there for 50 cents.

  4. Not a coffee drinker but I know Jim likes McDonald's coffee. Sorry about your hand - sure hope it doesn't mess up the job start date.

  5. I'm glad your hand is healing nicely, and hope the start date won't change. I always make my coffee at home - and as for Mc D's burgers, I very seldom buy them - mostly because they aren't messy enough! Too dry for me, but maybe I should try Al's burger, the Angus burger? That one might be more to my liking. The only time I go to Mc D's is for a chocolate shake (and sometimes I add the burger).


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