Sunday, July 27, 2014

Oh My….How Time Is Flying By

I can’t believe it, but a full week seems to have vanished.


Well, that’s how it feels. And that’s what happens if you are too busy.  And busy I have been.

I switched from Inner City to Inter City Traffic. Honestly, all that driving in the city made me a bit stressed out. So now I can enjoy the more quiet landscape and roads of rural Alberta.

Last Friday I had a trip from Edmonton to Cold Lake and back. It felt like coming home, though “home” has lately become a word with many meanings. But at least I knew where I was going. Never quite knew that in this city.
And then the day before I was way up north. Destination was High Prairie.  That is one long drive from Edmonton. And for the first time I saw Lesser Slave Lake. What a huge water body that is.
The town of Slave Lake made the news a few years ago when most of the city was consumed by a massive and fast moving wild fire. Needless to say that all buildings are spanking new now. I bet a lot of history burnt down that day. There are still mobile homes out on a field. They are empty now, but after the fire most residents needed a roof over their heads.

Tomorrow it’s High Prairie again and then……we’ll see.

Have a nice weeks and thanks for dropping by again.


  1. Time does pass rapidly when you're busy staying out of trouble. And less stress is much better.

  2. Just think -- summer is almost over too. Time certainly does fly.

  3. Nice that you are busy and working again, enjoy the rest of the summer.

  4. We cannot believe how fast times go by either.


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