Friday, July 18, 2014

Getting’ All The Ducks In A Row

You might remember our friend Sally up north. A remarkable lady living a life style which most of us would deem impossible and being definitely outside of our established society. And I must admit I was shocked myself the very first time we visited her on her 10acre property. However, when you get to know her you will have the pleasure of hearing an endless stream of stories about her animals, her plants, about her neighbours, the environment, and her early years when she was still traveling.

Her vast knowledge about animals, derived from spending years of watching animals behavior would boggle everyone’s mind. Her minimalistic way of living on a shoestring, yet living good, will never cease to amaze me. When you come to her yard she will lead you to her babies, her new-born chickens, turkeys or ducklings.

Or she might just call out for GEORGE and her beautiful male turkey will answer her from across the yard. Collarcollarcollar….

But Sally also has good help in her border collie BRANDY guarding the many birds in her yard.
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This time she showed me her happy group of ducklings. A narrow path leads through foot-high grass. When we approach a make-shift fence she’s calling out after the ducklings and before I know it a long row of tiny duck-babies come running down the path, eager to see whether breakfast is brought. But the feeding bowl is on the other end so we walk carefully between the ducklings and mother duck. I can’t take my eyes off the path, for too high is the risk that I step on one of these adorable small creatures. Once we have reached the feeding place we hunker down and Sally dispenses the grain into the bowl, which immediately is surrounded with tiny ducks.
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After a little while everybody is getting thirsty and moves over to the water bowl. Of course there is always the odd one who seems to think that drinking water can also be used for taking a bath.

Getting all the ducks in a row is certainly not any easy task with this lively bunch and it puts a whole new meaning to the old saying.

Besides of having a mystery yard she lives in a home-built straw-bale house, which keeps her warm during any cold Alberta winter and cool on a hot summer day.

An interesting way of life for sure.

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  1. A very interesting lady for sure, soon will be roast duck.

  2. Hi Peter! Glad things are getting better and you enjoy your training. Do you have any pictures of this lady's straw bale home? Thayer is always talking about building one...


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