Sunday, August 18, 2013

When The Sky Turns Red

It’s Sunday evening. I got prematurely tired and had gone and gotten a coffee from the kitchen. Was now sitting on the couch, I had been listening to Radio Canada all afternoon. It’s a French radio channel and it’s the only one I find I can listen to without getting nervous. The reason is their choice of music. The French seem to love old American Broadway music and what’s commonly called American Song Book. And I happen to love that too. It fits perfectly our relaxed island life, especially if one thinks about that we live right smack in a place full of history.

The radio was still playing. It was a quarter to nine and outside I saw the sky turn red – well orange at least. It was like the darkening sky took all my thoughts away.  Now I was just thinking whether this wasn’t the way it used to be. Way back when I was a boy we used to listen to the radio. Much more than today. I
1-DSC_0001love our old radio. We found it on a church yard sale. I think I paid 5 bucks for it. It came with batteries in it. These batteries lasted for 5 years. I just recently had to replace them. Now it is playing again. It’s an old transistor radio. It looks quite battered, But who cares. We have a much newer radio too. It doesn’t have a good receiver and I can’t get the same radio channels with it. Not all the new gadgets are good.
The red of the sunset was almost gone when I heard familiar words from the old radio. It wasn’t English and certainly not French. All of a sudden I realized I was listening to a Norwegian song. Never heard that one before. I turned up the volume.  What a nice surprise!

The sky had turned completely dark.


  1. There is something to be said about old radios, that just seem to work.
    Love the red sky at night.

  2. I haven't seen an old transistor radio like that in quite a few years. I remember having one just like it way back in my teens. Worked great then and probably would today if I hadn't got rid of it somewhere.

  3. Hi Peter,
    I live near Woodstock, NB and read your blog daily; thank you. I am considering a whale watching trip to the Bay and I'm wondering if there have been many sightings lately? I understand sightings increase as fall approaches.

    1. Barrie, we are in the best season right now. Just come on over. We have 2 companies here doing whale watching and unlike those operating from St.Andrews we are much closer to the grounds and have less travel time and more excitement.


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