Monday, August 5, 2013

Finally The Fog Lifted

When Sunday dawned the fog was gone. Instead we woke up to a crystal clear day with lots and lots of sunshine. At 11:30a I was down at the Roosevelt Park float dock to take 6 arriving guests up to the cottage. After their cottage tour I had them on a 90-minute sightseeing through the Natural Area of the park. With a clear day like yesterday this is indeed an experience most people will never forget.
1-DSC_0016 1-DSC_0005

We took Molly on a nice beach walk and gathered a few more round stones and a few more pieces of driftwood.
1-DSC_0089 1-DSC_0103 1-DSC_0105 1-DSC_0135

1-DSC_0119                                   Duck Family on their morning excursion

Sunday’s musical events were running at Herring Cove Provincial Park and were mostly of the folksy kind. The Park has an outside stage and the audience can just place themselves where ever they like. The campground was booked solid for the weekend. Everyone seemed to have a great time.

Sculptures along the beach
1-DSC_0133 1-DSC_0126
1-DSC_0100 1-DSC_0101
While we were wandering along the beach we saw a few sculptures, built by a creative mind.

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  1. Sure is nice when the fog lifts, kinda like waking up from a good sleep, bright and cheery.


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