Monday, August 12, 2013

And Whoosh It Was Gone

I had had pain in it for several days and last Friday It got worse. I needed to call the dentist in Lubec, I had heard it was a lady who had started there last November. So today I had an appointment at 2:45 EDT.
I was called up pretty quick and appeared to be the only patient at the medical center. Getting into the chair I was still joking around with the doc. She asked me all these questions whether I was on drugs (God forbid..!) had taken any aspirin, or antibiotics had allergies or this or that. My answers were no, no and no. So you been suffering through this quietly? she asked. Well, the funny thing was that the pain had gone totally away once i had made that appointment and the weekend and even today I was just doing fine, In fact, I didn’t even know I had a problem.

But now it was time to examine the sucker. She took an X-Ray and when the picture came out she gasped. My tooth, it was the last one in the lower right back, was CRACKED all the way to the bottom. It was time for an EXTRACTION.

I was transported into a horizontal position, they put a piece of plastic in my open mouth and from that moment on there was no more joking and no more talking for my part. The lady told me that I was the boss and if I made as much as a noise she would stop working on me right away. That being said I looked right up into the glaring light. They worked with all kind of miniature crow bars and handles. They poked out the old filling, sawed and drilled and cut out parts of what once was a working tooth. They found the pin our Mexican dentist had cemented in place two years ago, took that out and dug some more into the core of my gum.
At one point I saw that she hauled something out with her fingers and clicked it into a container behind her. But my hope that it was the tooth was smashed the instant she started digging again. There was more to come. It creaked, cracked and crushed in my mouth and all of a sudden she put her tools away righted my seat and looked like she had accomplished something. “You brought me a challenge today, was all she said, before her assistant dropped a bunch gauze packets on my lap. “You are bleeding a lot and need to keep this in your mouth. get a bag of ice, for you gonna need it”, were her further instructions. “Don’t eat, no kissing and rinse your teeth from tomorrow every 3-4 hrs. “

Of course I was pleased that the tooth was gone, but felt a bit apprehensive about what was coming at me here. I simply hate going to bed hungry.

Oh- and the doc wants to see me again in a week. I love that place. I’m seriously thinking of inviting her over for a special sightseeing tour on Campobello. She is actually Canadian, but I bet she’s never been over her. And just maybe I get a rebate next time I have to see her. :-)

When I was going back to the Island and passing Canada Customs I got that question again: “Anything from the States?”
“Noooo, I just lost something….my tooth, and I can’t talk because I have my mouth full of cotton”.

Have a bit compassion with me. Pleeeease?


  1. Oh man. Just reading this made me cringe. My mouth tends to water at the dentist's for some foolish reason, as it did just now.

  2. Oh, my gosh, what a horrible story! I'm glad it's over and hope you are feeling better. Wow, like Bob, I was cringing, too, as I was reading.

    Sorry, Bea, no kissing! Well, maybe on the cheek. I'm sure you'll take good care of Peter and make him some nice, warm soup. :)

  3. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH sounds terrible. But it doesn't sound like they hurt you 'at the time'. Hope you feel better soon, your mouth will probably be sore for awhile.

  4. great now my molars hurt...ughhh what a day you had hope you heal quickly...

  5. Where was the nitrous oxide? They don't even get to exray me with out it! Glad the tooth is out, and hope you don't suffer. Hope they told you not to drink through a straw or smoke--dry socket.

  6. I hate extractions!! The molars were the worst. Hope you are feeling better:)

  7. I had the same thing happen to me several years ago. I had a tooth ache that would come and go. Finally went to the dentist and found out the tooth was cracked and had to be extracted. What a bummer! Hope all is going well now.


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