Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Thanks, But I’m Doing Fine

The dentist had warned that some severe pain would occur after the anesthetic had worn off and that I should use some strong painkiller like Tylenol 3. She actually made out a prescription for that and half a pound of antibiotics. I hate to take ANY pills, so I never went to the pharmacy for any of those. We did have some Ibuprofen in the house along with the normal Tylenol. Precaution wise I did take a few of these before I went to bed and after I got up again, but pain was never an issue this time. I had to be a bit cautious about what food I’d process, but that was all. Either I AM a die-hard or that doc simply did a terrific job.

Now, Bea is a terrific cook (did I say that before???) and she has some wondrous ways of making very delicious soups. So we had soup for  lunch and for dinner, though I did sneak a few cookies down in the afternoon.

What did amaze me most was the fact that this dentist lady is a rookie. My guess is she is around 55yrs but she mentioned something about that the government would actually help pay down her student loan and that it was the reason why she had chosen to work in Lubec instead of making a career at some fancy schmancy place in some bigger city. Now why would a 55yr. old still struggle with a student loan?  So she did go back to school and became a dentist. Well done!



  1. So glad you didn't have much pain with this horrible procedure. Any dental work is horrible in my book. You're going to have to ask her about going back to school when you go next week.

  2. Glad thing are working out for you a no pain.
    At 56 I was done working, really had enough of it. Some people need to forge on a head I guess.
    Good for her.


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