Thursday, August 8, 2013

Oh No…Don’t talk To Me

oday I wanted to renew our car registration. These days you can do that kind of thing online, which should come in real handy if you live 60miles away from where the offices are. So I called up the renewal page of Service New Brunswick. When filling out reg.number and the first 6 digits of the VIN I got an error message. I tried again, but the same error kept coming up on my screen. So I decided to call the office in charge, which is on the Canadian mainland. Dial, dial dial…..ring, ring, ring, ring….you get the hang of it. Finally a machine kicks in.  “Welcome…..blah, blah blah…..All our agents are busy with other customers. Pls. call our telecentre for help”.   Dial, dial, dial….ah a voice “For service in English please press 1”.  Ring, ring, ring.  Ah a voice….”Due to a high volume of calls we may have an unusual long wait time. Please stay on the line and your call will be a……..” 
15 minutes later I was still listening to happy music tunes from my receiver interspersed with “Due to a high volume of……”
Then I hung up.

What in raving hell is wrong with our government offices? If everybody would “work” like this we’d be a third-world country.


  1. It's technology. Don't you love it?

  2. This is called government customer service?
    Supposed to be much more efficient.
    Good luck.

  3. Not only government but most of your big companies as well. It drives me crazy.


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