Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Crazy “Linked-In” World

Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, XING --- they are all set up to carry your or your product name out into the endless space of cyber world. Millions have registered and the companies are making billions of revenue and income on it.
Marketing experts are happy to talk about “social media marketing” as being the most important channel to get the products sold. As a result and also for being “trendy” people from all over the world have joined various networks and are proudly getting their name out there hoping that somehow one day the big sales opportunity is gonna knock on their door. When i open my email account I’m looking at email messages sent out through the networks from India, China, Europe and “Belutschistan” – what relevance do they have? None whatsoever.
An Italian tour company is advertising its winery tours, another guy offers qualified international marketing, and CEO’s and CFO’s from all kind of outfits in every hidden-away-neck of the woods are pushing their qualifications into my email account. Delete, delete delete!

Does that mean those networks have no purpose at all?  No, no and no!

We have indeed received customers and contacts who have found us in cyber space. It was an unthinkable scenario only 10-15 years ago.
Besides of all that professional stuff there is Aunt Josefine or niece Amanda who just had a terrific day (or the opposite) and following the urge, have posted it on Facebook or tweeted it on Twitter for the world to know. Extremely interesting! It’s like having a mini version of personalized Reality TV. And it seems we are craving it or why do we read that c**p?

However, there is still a majority of people out there who do want to talk to another human being FACE TO FACE, which, in our line of work, forces us to establish an office in St.Andrews, NB. Of course this bears proof of having the ring of a human touch to it and fills me with hope that not everything is lost, even though I hate to pay for office rent and staffing.

Have a great day/evening or whatever other time you read this.



  1. Give me the internet any day over the phone!

  2. I do like the internet because I prefer to read information in detail.

  3. I have slowly learned to accept the internet in my world and have found that it does make some things much easier. But I am not going to tweet or link.


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