Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Terrific Things Are Underway And A Funny Story Of The Past

A couple of times I have mentioned the poor to non-existent internet connection on Campobello. This problem has lead to a lot of complaints against our provider Bell-Aliant. It lastly culminated in having a letter of protest written to the CRTC (Canadian Radio and Telecommunication Commission) with copies to the Minister of Tourism New Brunswick.

Today we have gotten word that Bell Aliant is going to do special upgrades resulting in triple data capacities for Campobello Island.  That is very good news for everybody, and especially all those who run a business out here.

It seems that if you cannot shout loud enough, nobody is gonna hear you.

Let’s see when this is actually coming through.

Now what is the funny story about?
It is about Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Before F.D.R. became President of the United States he was a secretary of the navy.
Once, when he wanted to go to Campobello to spend time on the Roosevelt property he ordered a destroyer to take him up the coast.
When the destroyer reached the northern edge of the Gulf of Maine, Franklin ordered the commander to sail the ship through “The Narrows”, a barely 500ft. wide channel between Lubec. ME and Campobello Island. The commander refused to do that as he knew that there would be a strong current and he deemed it too dangerous. Rather he intended to round the island in the north and go through the Head Harbour Passage. A much safer route for sure, but quite a bit longer.
fdr smiling sailing black and white
Picture: Courtesy of the FDR Presidential Library

Franklin did not like that and simply took command over the ship and guided it safely through The Narrows. F.D.R. had been an avid sailor since he was a boy. he knew the treacherous waters around the island and knew that he could navigate The Narrows.

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  1. That will be great to get your internet up to speed.

  2. I'm glad you are getting better connections in the future. It's a necessity these days, for individuals as well as businesses.

    Thanks for the wonderful story about FDR. :)


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