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Friday, June 7, 2013

The Blessing

Today, Friday June 7 was the day when the “Island Discovery” was ready to meet her right element the cold waters of the Bay of Fundy.

It was a great event, many people showed up for it. The Flynn family’s minister did the blessing and we all cheered when she finally was floating in Head Harbour.
The ship is not new. It has a past as a lobster boat, but has been sitting ashore for several years as she was in need for major repairs. When the need for a passenger vessel occurred she met a new future. Hopefully, she will be bringing thousands of new visitors to this island and be the pride of our very own tourism industry – homemade on Campobello Island.

May she always have water under her keel and provide a safe journey for everyone aboard!

1-DSC_0231  1-DSC_0232

1-DSC_0235  1-DSC_0236

1-DSC_0246  1-DSC_0250

1-DSC_0256  1-DSC_0264
The Captain and his son

1-DSC_0305     Floating in Head Harbour

An osprey was watching over the ceremony


  1. It is so good to see boats from the past being made sea-worthy. She is beautiful.

  2. She looks so pretty out there with her new coat of paint. Hopefully lots of tourists find their way to her.

  3. How incredible! Hope calm seas, fair winds, and sunshine for you, always.

  4. Now she's all spiffed up and ready to take folks around. It's a good thing to refurbish instead of building new. The old boat will have character and new boats don't usually have that.

  5. I love old boats. She is really a gem.


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