Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Real Shitty Day

We had expected a lot of rain today, but what we got coming was far worse. Not only was there a biblical rainfall but it came together with an incredible storm. The recent visit of “Andrea” was pure peanuts compared to this.
1-DSC_0344 1-DSC_0346
These pictures were taken on Saturday

We had already cancelled a FAM-Tour for today but had to cancel for tomorrow as well. The storm really brought up the sea and the swell is by now at least 6 feet. That swell is gonna last for 2 days until the sea calms down again. So in order to do some damage control I was on the phone and on my email all morning. The decision to cancel was made by our partner and me. The comfort and safety of our guests  will always take priority.
1-DSC_0351  1-DSC_0349

When I opened the door this morning to let Molly out she just did 3 steps and turned right back. Somehow she can hold it for a few more hours if the weather is that bad. Smart dog, I must say.

1-DSC_0435 1-DSC_0395

It is now 7.50p and the wind has died down to a breeze. It is still raining, but not too much to take Molly out for another walk. Bea had one earlier with Molly.
1-DSC_0468  1-DSC_0445

In the late afternoon we went down to Herring Cove Beach to watch the surf rolling in. Approaching the beach, we already heard the crashing waves. From an elevated viewpoint we took in the scenery. Lots of spray and mist was hanging above the surf zone. Here they came, hitting the sandy shore line with full force, then collapsing in a heap of white foam.

Today’s storm had the power of a usual winter storm. It just gave us an impression what it would be like to stay around all winter.

I’d just as well prefer the sands of the California Desert.


  1. As much as I love a "real" storm, I sure can feel for you since you have guests that have paid for certain tours. What a bummer! Mother Nature sure has a way of throwing a wrench into our plans, doesn't She? Hope life is better tomorrow.

  2. I agree. It's better to cancel than have folks have a rotten day.


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