Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Whales And More

When I woke up it wasn’t because of the daylight shining through the window but because it was too hot.

A look to the thermometer showed 20C (68) and it was only 7:00am! Wow, we were going to get a hot day.

We had a few complimentary guests on the boat today and departure was set to 11:00am. So I went over to the harbour doing some cleaning-up in the cabin.

I had barely started when I was totally wet of sweat. The sun was burning down and with the natural humidity out here I was glad when I got back home for a while to freshen up.
1-DSC_0178  1-DSC_0179
 Ready for departure…                                            and the excitement is building!

1-DSC_0185Our guests arrived on time and with a can of fresh coffee/tea and a few muffins we were ready to get out on the water to look for whales. This time of the year we mostly see the smaller (25-30ft) Minke Whales. The huge Humpbacks are usually not in before later in July. August is a really good time to see the 50-60ft large humpbacks and the even bigger finbacks pop up.
We even visited the “Old Sow” the biggest whirlpool in the world. It becomes visible 2-3hrs before full high tide. We were not quite within that time range but close enough that our boat was swirling around for a while, before the Captain gave full throttle and escaped the vile current.
Our guests were from Ohio and they had never been in our area before, let alone seen whales or such a giant whirlpool. It sure was a great experience for them.
A Whale Watch boat from St.Andrews and the whale right behind them!

It turned out to be a great morning and we were back at around 1:00pm.
I spent most of the afternoon on the phone with people calling from all over for our tours. It has become clear that these tours are going to be extremely popular.
1-DSC_0216  1-DSC_0212
For a while we had a new Captain            and here’s a bit of the “Old Sow”

1-DSC_0222  1-DSC_0221
Crossing in front of a huge freighter coming to Eastport

Right now, it is 7:00pm, a thunderstorm is moving along the coast of the mainland, but just skirting the islands. The distant rumble of thunder has finally alerted Molly. She didn’t mind so much as long as she was busy watching squirrels behind the garage. :-)



  1. Haven't been able to say it's "too hot" yet here in rainy British Columbia.

    So glad to hear the Tours are so much fun.

  2. Daily it's 90's into the 100 degrees here in Texas.... not complaining.. just sayin'. First time I've been warm in at least 3 years ;-)..... I think it was that Old Sow that about drowned me on a boat trip one year.... but, heck... I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

  3. That's good you will gave a busy summer, you will be ready to head south in the fall.

  4. Glad to see your tour boat is up and running. Not sure I'd want to get caught in that whirlpool.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful tour - I went on a boat ride once to whale watch and it was so exciting. I'm glad these tours are going be a great success for you. I think the new captain is Bea, right? :)

  6. Great pictures! We really enjoy watching wildlife while on the water.


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