Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Windy Day and an Afternoon in Town
It wasn’t necessary to do another check of the weather forecast. It was pretty obvious that it would stay windy all day. But in the afternoon it kinda got sunny and the PEI-bunch and I ventured off to town, that is Ajo. And even though I had wandered through that town before, it became an afternoon of new discoveries.
A Mexican merchant has rented the old train station at the plaza. I could not but buy this colorful plate for a mere 12 Dollars.  I wonder whether Bea will like it.

After finishing the walk around the Plaza, we walked over to the two beautiful Spanish churches. Unfortunately they are always locked up, so nobody can’t get a glimpse of the interior.
DSC_0008-mi DSC_0011-mi
DSC_0010-mi DSC_0012-mi

DSC_0017-miNext thing was the mosaics which were part of a heritage project. Neat work!
DSC_0013-mi DSC_0014-mi

Next to the big mural I showed in the previous posting there is an antique dealer. Of course we had to snoop around there too. I think one must go all the way this far south to see such old junk. I was wondering whether the Coca Cola bottles really contained Coca Cola.
DSC_0018-mi DSC_0019-mi
DSC_0020-mi DSC_0016-mi

Getting thirsty and Barb was hungry (doesn’t PEI-Bob feed her?) we went to Marcela’s Cafe and Bakery. Obviously that was the place where the locals went, at least we were the only strangers there.
It was Cheese Cake and Coffee for me.   

Another stop at a Dollar Store and at the IGA was wrapping up our visit in town.

I was tired after that and needed a nap.
It is a grey sky again, but no rain.

DSC_0001-mi DSC_0002-mi

The Old Trainstation

…long gone

DSC_0004-mi DSC_0006-mi
DSC_0021-mi Rustry tracks..and slowly desert shrubs are taking over.
Stay out of trouble!
And thanks for visiting.
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  1. the blue plate is lovely..I am sure that Bea will love it!..if not send it my way..$12 was deal that was!

  2. Another great visit to Ajo. And the plate is beautiful.

  3. Nice post - I enjoyed looking at the colorful Mexican artwork. Never been to Ajo but it looks like a lovely town.

  4. Mexican pottery is one of my favorite things. I have some pieces...but would definetly like to visit that shop next time in town.
    We too spent a sleepless night over here in Congress ! SNOW for us Peter....


  5. I love that Blue plate. It is beautiful. I have a few pieces myself and it is always so colorful.


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