Tuesday, March 27, 2012


What the everlasting hills are for Oklahoma the Tennessee Waltz might be for Tennessee.

"Tennessee Waltz" is a popular country music song with lyrics by Redd Stewart and music by Pee Wee King written in 1946 and first released in December 1947 as a single by Cowboy Copas that same year. The song became a multimillion seller via a 1950 recording - as "The Tennessee Waltz" - by Patti Page.

And just like Arkansas, the visit to Tennessee is a first-timer for us. Of course, we would like to have weeks to explore it, but urgent business calls us home. And “HOME” means go go go.


It’s springtime in the South

DSC_0002-miWe crossed the Arkansas River at Little Rock, AR and the mighty Mississippi at Memphis. Memphis has an impressive skyline along the Ole Man River and we would have loved to stay but …..

DSC_0016-mi DSC_0013-mi
DSC_0021-mi DSC_0014-mi

The State must have received huge amounts of rain, cause lots of land is standing flooded.


So we ended travel day 4 about 80 miles west of Nashville.  Just like Arkansas overnighting is not permitted on public rest areas, difference being in Tennessee it’s actually posted on the rest areas, while in Arkansas it’s not. In search of a place to stay we even permitted ourselves to look for an RV-Park, but when we looked closer the driveway was of a 10% mountain grade, which I had no desire to check out with the rig. But we had seen a big open place opposite an abandoned gas station right off the I-40. And that’s where we stay tonight.

We did a walk along the narrow country road and were friendly greeted when cars were passing by us.

Day 4 was another hot day for driving and sitting behind this huge windshield is like being in a greenhouse. Air Condition from the dash has no chance against the sunshine and I get tired a lot earlier than in cooler weather. But tomorrow we will be getting into Virginia and higher altitude, which will also lead to lower temps.


I-40 in Tennessee


Until then stay cool my friend!





  1. You are sure making good time, keep cool.

  2. you stay cool too...hope you find somewhere to 'plug in'!!

  3. Don't Overdo your travels it's no use to kill yourselves just to get someplace faster.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Do you have a list of all the Walmarts ? If not, let me know and I can send you the file.

    I'd never be able to drive that distance in such a short time. Be safe !


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