Thursday, March 29, 2012

Springtime in Pennsylvania
When I heard the storm gusts earlier this morning I kinda knew we wouldn’t be traveling today. Strong winds are the RV’ers enemy. It can blow us straight off the road. Since it was predicted to be a lot better tomorrow we had to ask our friends whether we could block their driveway for another day, or we would move to a nearby Walmart location. They didn’t want to hear about the Walmart and invited us to stay.
Our beautiful location
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The sun was out, but the winds were blowing out of the North and making it a cold day. Yet we wanted to use the time to see more of the neighborhood and went straight into Amish Country, that is in Lancaster Co. Drove through German sounding places like Strasburg. It seemed like these little towns had held their own through ever changing times. Small locally owned businesses and no fastfood chains, no big-box-stores and such. A pleasure for the eye!
What really catches our attention is the remarkable size of the Amish farm operations. We just didn’t see any tractor or combine or truck in these places. No power lines run across to their houses either. Yet everything looks like newly painted and the fields are worked on in the best possible way. Horses do work we are used to is done by machines. And i guess I just let the pictures speak. They say so much more than what I can find words for.
Bridge over the Susquehanna River 


  1. spectacular scenery in Amish Country!!..enjoy the 'campround'! looks very pretty!!

  2. I loved your photos. Amish Country sure is different. It's a fun place to be. We're expecting a storm here too. Right now it's nice but it won't be over the weekend.

    Take care.

  3. You are very fortunate to spend the day in such a beautiful place. Great pictures!!

  4. What a beautiful area !

  5. Just amazing photographs of amazing scenery ! Inspirational to see the wealth and beauty created by intelligence and human and animal work. And how beautiful this life and this planet can be.


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