Friday, March 23, 2012

Why Jamboree!
An RV-neighbor told us about it today. Be at 7pm at the Why Community Center and you can to a lot of nice music. Of course, we went and we had a lot of fun, I must say. The place was packed when we entered a bit late. Yeah we were late as I had to wait until Bea was ready.  Seems like there is always something which is not yet done.
A 20+ mixed orchestra had already started and boy what a sound.

I snapped off a couple of pics and tried to use the NIKON DSLR for a video take, but it is obvious that video takes are not what this camera is made for.

Tomorrow we will be back on the road. It’s travel time!
So possibly, you will get an update on that tomorrow.DSC_0014-mi. DSC_0002-mi  DSC_0012-mi


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  1. Looks like there are still a bunch of folks in southern Arizona. It won't be long before they all start heading north. I really like going to the music jams. We did several when we were in Quartzsite.


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