Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mountains, Snow, but very little Flowers
This was a trip we have been looking forward to. At 8am 2 vehicles and three couples were ready to go west. Destination: Julian and Santa Ysabel. Julian the capital of apple pies and Santa Ysabel where Dudleys Bakery was our goal. The coastal mountain range with snow capped peaks along Hwy 78 were gleaming against a blue western sky.
The road climbed higher and higher until we reached Julian at over 4000ft. Long before we got to town snow was piled up along the road.  So, of course, we didn’t work up a sweat when we were walking along pretty Main Street. A store owner, standing in her door told us that the snow had come on Tuesday and created a bit of havoc in town. But it was pretty too and the many cars parked in town told us that the tourists didn’t really mind to climb over piles of snow when the wanted to cross the street.
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When we reached Santa Ysabel and Dudleys Bakery, we found it closed. Bob,who hadn’t been talking about anything else than bying the famous Dudley Sticky Buns could hardly hide his disappointment. However, we were all hungry and set up shop umm..our picnic table right in front of Dudleys Bakery. While we sat there we noticed a minimum of 20 vehicles stopping at Dudleys to buy some good stuff. We wondered whether the owner had any idea how much business he was losing out on.
DSC_0115-mi DSC_0113-mi
The Anza Borrego State Park
We had a good hope about finding a desert in bloom, but that was not to happen. Very few flowers were out, even at the Anza Borrego Visitor Center was very little in bloom. Was it the cooler than normal winter which was the reason?
DSC_0199-miDSC_0207-mi DSC_0196-mi

The flower of the Agave
DSC_0202-mi-a DSC_0180-mi
DSC_0174-mi  DSC_0213-mi
Back “Home” again at the Canal
We got home just before 5.30pm and I must admit: I am played out.
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  1. Nice pictures. I'd rather see snow in pictures than the real thing.

  2. Snow is definitely a four letter word for me. And I sure did want to see one of those rolls from the bakery. Maybe next year?

  3. Enjoyed the pictures, looks like an interesting town to visit.

  4. Great pics - snow is best seen from far away!


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