Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Last Stand
Bea often reminds me how fortunate we are that we can live a life like we do. And look how right she is. We do not need to sit out a nasty winter up north, we travel in comfort and every day we can buy our food without fear for the next day. We are relatively healthy, we have lots of dear friends all over the world, but yet we catch ourselves time after time complaining about high gas prices, the pot holes in the road or a closed bridge. :-)) Just to mention a few examples.

And yesterday was a day when I really felt like thanksgiving. Whether we call it the Last Stand or the Last Supper, it was a nice gathering with our “family of friends” in the warm afternoon sun. Almost all the meatballs were eaten and yes, there was a rich dessert for Peter and his friends.
After supper we lit the fire and were sitting and chatting around until a cool breeze sprang up and made us look for a warmer place.


Pulling up Stakes  Today the last day at the Hot Springs, we have to pull up stakes, and start stowing everything away. It won’t be a long drive – just 40 miles to Yuma, but yet it is the final Good Bye to the Holtville Hot Springs. Maybe I take a last soak in the hot water.


  1. The meal sounded delicious, and a nice way to end your hot spring visit for the year. Have a Great Sunday!

  2. safe travels as you continue your journey!..may the next spot be better than the last!..happy sunday!!

  3. The goodbyes are tough but the journey is so much fun it helps to be on the road. Travel safe and we'll be following along with you as you head east and north.

  4. We are lucky to be able to do what we are doing and we love it. The goodbyes will soon into "hellos" when the weather starts to turn cold up north again and the same folks start making their way south.


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