Thursday, November 30, 2023

Maybe This Is The Year We Should've Stayed At Home

 Of course, you have been wondering why blog posts were interrupted. 

There is a very reason to it: I am sick!

I think it all began on the 3rd. day of our trip. I had body aches when getting out from behind the wheel and my fingers had been tingling after hours of driving.

From there it went all downhill. 

Excruciating pain in my right hand, especially at night, depriving me of sleep for 4 nights, as of now. The hand is all swollen up and feels "on fire". and I still have body aches all over. Words like ARTHRITIS, GOUT and other scary scenarios are spooking around in my brain. This goes along with unreasonable chills, having me looking for my jacket even when inside the trailer. Monday will find me in an ER and hopefully, we will know more by the evening. Meanwhile, I got a numbing cream to put on my hand to douse the pain, which I hope will allow for some sleep again.

Bea is taking this very heavy and has thrown around ideas of going home. It even affected her nightmare scenarios. But that doesn't look too attractive, especially in my current condition. I'd rather fly home and get it checked out, but Bea and Dixie would have to stay behind. So for now, we have landed on the ER-visit on Monday.

We had a great Thanksgiving dinner with our friends and enjoy the company of all those people, many of which we have known for years.

Using this key board hurts my swollen fingers, so I'll call is quits for today.


  1. Could it be an adverse reaction from the Covid vaccination? Google vaccine reactions and see if anyone else has your symptoms.

    1. The thought struck me too, but I rather think NOT. The most plausible reason is probably me holding onto that steering wheel for too long and too hard, thus overusing my joints in my hand. Stress could also be contributing. Btw. often thinking of you and the days you and Dave coming down here.

  2. Sorry to hear about this, hope things turn around for you soon!

  3. Sorry you're not feeling well, hopefully tthe ER will be able to fix you up and you'll be able to continue your travels.

  4. Oh, no! Peter, I am so sorry! And not knowing what is going on makes everything worse. Please know that I shall be thinking of all 3 of you, and look forward to your getting answers so good treatment can follow.
    Thank you for letting us know. WE WISH YOU THE VERY BEST.


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