Tuesday, November 9, 2021

The November 8 Border Rush

 While really nothing changed at our local border on November 8, some other border crossings into the US have experienced record-breaking traffic volumes. The below pic is the border crossing from Tijuana to San Diego. Can you tell how many lanes and how many cars? Even the border crossing from St. Stephen,NB to Calais, ME was much busier than normal. Especially RVs had parked overnight in town to make sure they would be first in line across the border. But aren't we RVers people who should keep their calm, and not be in one hell of a hurry? It's hard to understand people's minds. And guess what - the Maine border town of Calais has done something real smart. To make their Canadian neighbours come over for shopping they offer free PCR Covid tests downtown. That way the returning shoppers can pass back into Canada without a worry.

Between Bea and me I'm sure we made a few kms just by walking back and forth from the house to the trailer. There is no way that I would have been able to do all this just by myself. Some stuff went right into the trailer, other things were stowed away in the van. Pots and pans, food items and cleaning supplies  - everything left the house for being placed in trailer closet or cupboard. And then all our vegetable were made into a soup, spruced up with hamburger meat and put into jars. That's what we are gonna eat while traveling. It's an easy dish for warming up, and way better than what's offered by the wayside in fast-food joints. Most importantly though, we don't have to expose ourselves to virus-laden indoor environments. And as an extra layer of protection we are both receiving our booster shots of the Moderna vaccine tomorrow. So we'll be good to go on Thursday. 

Record-breaking were also our day temps today. During the afternoon we reached 17C (62.6F) with not even a breeze, which is unheard of for November 9. People walked around in just shirts enjoying this great weather. It's almost hard to say "we are leaving for the warm south".

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