Sunday, November 21, 2021

From Sunset To Moon Light

 Our adventures of traveling to the US for long stays in the desert began once back in 2005. Our first trip led us from Alberta through BC along the west coast to this southern part of California, ending up in the desert in the Imperial Valley. 

Ever since, we have had warm thoughts about this place and its people, who welcomed us with an open heart. So not so amazing that we began to consider this our second home. From years back we have collected many images of the area and today I was just clicking through previous postings when I noticed the many images showing the varying lights and colours of the sky and the area. From sunrise via sunset to the full moon, it has amazed us time after time again. 

    The All-American Canal running along the desert camp

Today was a sunny day, but we got some cooling northern winds which grew strong enough that we had to roll up our awning.

Our activity level is still very low and was limited to several walk-abouts in the area. A favourite walk is following the sandy road along the canal. For Bea, who is interested in "birding" it is a great chance to see and identify birds we don't have at home. And Dixie loves the many interesting places she can sniff out. We just have to keep her from venturing into the thick brush of salt cedars and creosote bushes. Snakes could be lurking there or she could encounter a bobcat there. 

You should also take a look at Bea's Blog, where she has pics of the Hot Spring and some birds of the region.

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