Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Day 6: The Okies

 Daylight was about to arrive when I looked out the window this morning. That meant that our start-up procedure would have to get underway. Breakfast was ready 30 minutes later and by then Dixie had been outside to perform her morning routine. Another 30 minutes later I was checking lights on the trailer and running up the rear support legs.

We hit the road at about 7:30am bound for the land of the Okies. I really like Merle Haggards old classics and one of the most known is the one about the Okie from Muskogee. Now, for all of you who don't know where Muskogee is I tell you it's down the way south east of Tulsa, Oklahoma. And that's precisely the road we took today. We wanted to avoid the traffic chaos in Tulsa. Rte. 69 hits the I-40 south of Muskogee and we followed it west. While the weather was terrific with temps up to 24C (75.2F) we had to battle strong headwinds and later, on the I-40,  crosswinds from the south. Approaching Oklahoma City, we had the pleasure of riding through one of the worst traffic jams I have ever seen. And it didn't help that large parts of the roads are in deplorable condition. I have already decided that we won't take that route back in spring. And once again we got to the end of the day and found a resting place at Walmart Camping, this time in the township of Yukon. (No similarities with the Canadian Yukon!)

Oklahoma has the lowest gas prices and the tallest chief
The following pictures are of the Arkansas River. As you can see it is almost dry.

While I was walking Dixie in the vicinity, Bea whipped up a nice macaroni dish. And then it was blogging time. 

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