Saturday, November 20, 2021

Just Waking Up This Morning Was A True Delight

 When I woke up this morning it was still dark. Is it possible to have jetlag when you travel by vehicle between several time zones? Whatever the reason, it dawned on me that today I didn't have to climb behind the wheel and move ourselves another 400miles down the road. So I allowed myself a leisurely pace by first letting out Dixie, then making myself my morning coffee and getting onto the couch. 

Right now and right here, first daylight shows up around 6am. But than it is pitch dark again at 5pm. So not a very long day, but that's OK. Seniors like us go to bed early. At 9pm you would hardly find an RV here with lights still on. 

So, today it was a true delight for me to just relax, doing almost nothing. I say "almost" because if you are doing this kind of camping, there is always "something" to do, like f.e.x fixing one of the drawers in my "work space" set up in the back of the van. Too many bumps on the highways had taken a toll on it. However, a few screws from my inventory, fixed it right up.

Drinking coffee and snacking a bit was part of the day. We did several walks with Dixie, met a few of our friends and saw a bobcat in the desert. 

The afternoon was mostly spent behind the trailer in the shade, Dixie right beside of me, guarding the place. 

But then I remembered the hot spring. Got into my fancy-pancy swim suit pants, grabbed a towel and my morning robe and drove the short distance to the I-8, where we have the luxury of 104F hot water spraying into the air, thus providing us with a free delightful shower. 

There are 2 hot tubs as well, but I refrained from using them as I am leery about the spread of Covid through it. 

But what is not to like about life in the desert?

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