Monday, November 29, 2021

Oops... It's The First Of Advent Already

With a strong sense for tradition of Christmas celebrations, I never miss the arrival of the festive season, beginning with the 1. of Advent. 
However, I'm not at home in New Brunswick and current weather hasn't indicated that we are indeed right there. 4 weeks from now and Christmas will already be over. So, it was time to pull out our Christmas decorations. For more than 15 years we have owned 4 little artificial Christmas trees and today they came out of their cardboard box. Bea decorated them and I put on the lights afterwards. We think it looks pretty in the dark desert.
 Bea also put on a pretty table cloth, and who knows --- tomorrow we might have more lights also inside our trailer. It is just a fun part of getting ready for Christmas. And when you have lots of time at your hands....

 We did spend considerable time in the shade of the trailer. It was warmer than the previous days as there was hardly any cooling breeze. 
Later, in the afternoon, Dixie got to her feet and started cuddling with us. Usually that means she wants something. We couldn't really figure out what it was she had in mind today, But Bea used the opportunity with her camera. 

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