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Thursday, May 14, 2020

We Moved Back Into The House

The day ran up with lots of sunshine, but it wasn't what we could call a warm spring morning. Temps were barely above the freezing mark - at least if one stepped out into the wind. Oh sorry, I said wind, but I mean storm. Dressed with Long Johns and the warm winter jacket Dixie and I ventured out onto a coastal trail on the east side, away from the strong westerly wind casts.
Rugged coast towards Grand Manan

The trail gives general good protection against westerly winds and even offers 2 nice benches to enjoy the far view across the Bay of Fundy, with the island of Grand Manan stretching out on the horizon.

So yes, I sat down on a Bench just enjoying the tranquility. Meanwhile, Dixie was exploring the surrounding area. The good thing with Dixie is that she will never run away. She always stays around me when I am sitting down. As soon as she doesn't hear my steps behind her she stops, turns and looks, waiting for me to continue walking.

She certainly is a wonderful dog. But she still is very hesitant to enter our trailer. More work to do there with her.

Back from the morning walk, we decided to continue with the greenhouse project.

First task was spreading out the old straw, then covering it with black dirt, mixed with peatmoss.
That kept us busy until it was time for lunch. After the break I started mixing more concrete for building a backwall behind the spot where the stove would be placed. A short stub of stove pipe was cemented in.
The square plates in this picture is the form for the concrete.

While I had been working with the concrete and masonry, Bea had set up our beds in the renovated bedroom and moved our bedding back into the house. So we are out of the trailer again for now.

I also ordered the lumber necessary for further construction. It'll be coming over from the mainland by truck on Tuesday.

The afternoon coffee break was followed by another doggy walk. Again we stayed out of the wind heading down another nice forest trail in the Roosevelt Park.

After supper we all piled into the van again and went to check on some summer homes. Does the lawns need a cut and what about that laundry spindel which had fallen over behind the house? Always something to do.

Overall, it was a great sunny day, except for the steady storm casts hitting us. At least the temps got up into the mid fifties by afternoon, which tempted me to take a short fun ride in our oldtimer car.

Hope you are still staying out of harms way.


  1. With all the projects you've been doing now you might have to take up fishing for the summer.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Fishing would be the very last thing you would see me doing. I never catch anything and I am not patient enough to wait for it to happen. Nah, I rather go hiking with Dixie.

  2. The Mercedes is looking fine,and Dixie seems to enjoy your walks.Rhe greenhouse project motivated me to roto till and start planting our garden here in Maine.


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