Monday, May 4, 2020

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Spring Time

And I know spring has sprung many places weeks ago, but first now it's happening on our home turf. 

Forsythia have just started blooming and lilac bushes are showing thick buds, ready to open in another warm day or two. "Warm" doesn't mean 70F or anything close to that. Nope, warm means around the low sixties, and that it during the afternoon only.
This morning the world outside was in thick fog, but being a dog owner, we ventured out into the woods, and it wasn't so bad there, a little high humidity but no wind between the trees. And then later, the fog lifted and the sun broke through, making me breaking out a sweat as I was dressed too warm. But hey, it was wonderful to feel a nice breeze during our sunny afternoon Dixie-walk along the beach.  The government had lifted the restrictions for the use of the provincial park, so we met a few other beach walkers. And with social distancing we could enjoy a chitchat over latest developments. 

While most people understand and respekt government restrictions on public life, there are always the few which don't have enough capacity in their upper storage to understand what's going on. The fact that "only" 3.5mill people of a world population of 7billion have been infected with Covid 19 makes them think that officials overreact with imposed restrictions, but forgetting that it is because of counteracting the virus spread, that it is "only" 3.5mill people. Same goes for the number of deaths. They also forget that the numbers for NEW infections and NEW deaths are counted DAILY and are accumulating to horrendous figures over the course of a couple of months and that it will continue for several more months before it's slowing down.

But you tell them the facts and yet you fail to make them understand. As mentioned above, it has to do with their overall capacity limit in their thinking department. Too bad for them.
Nobody likes the current situation but we have to get through, even if it hurts.

Forgetting about Covid for a while, I use the time available to continue working on our future greenhouse. The last 2 days I have mixed and filled concrete into the cinder blocks. The first row I have to watch out for getting it as level as possible. 2. row will move along faster.

The realization that we will have tons and tons of time this summer hasn't quite sunk in yet. It will be the summer of projects and by the end of summer we will lean back and wonder what we will do all winter.


  1. Unfortunately,in a world of it's all about me,people have grown indifferent to death and suffering....until it hit's home.

  2. Many people seem to think it will never happen to them but when it does are the ones that cry the loudest.
    Keeping yourselves busy helps you pass the time without realizing it is happening. Nice having projects to work on.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the time at home.

    It's about time.


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