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Friday, May 1, 2020

A New Page

If you move your eyes to the cross column above this posting, you will see a new page has appeared there. I named it Holocaust and Genocide. I have to warn you though, it is not pleasant viewing. So why did I put it there?

Reason #1: The massive death of people reminded me a lot of the terrible situation with the thousands of COVID 19 deaths, where f.ex. New York has run out of capacity to dispose of the bodies, not to mention providing a decent burial. Semi trucks are currently used to store bodies until burial or cremation is available. Some of these trucks have no refrigeration! The US tops the world in overall cases and deaths. Reason for that was Trump's delayed action against the pandemic and some state politicians being more interested in preserving the economy than people's lives. Today the number of new cases in the US was a staggering 49,000 bringing the total number up to 1.1mill. In recent days that number would be hovering around 25,000. The world as a whole had 65,000 new cases. Over 65,000 Americans have DIED of COVID 19 since the first recorded deaths in February. But relaxing social distancing rules has its price.

Reason #2: The first film, which has no sound, gives us a picture about the results of what happens if NAZIS and WHITE SUPREMACISTS are taking over government and the country. The 2. film shows us the path to the genocide. The horrible results of which are so gruesome that we want to close our eyes and turn away from reality.

The Allied Forces prosecuted war crminals to the fullest extend in the Nuremberg trials. And even today, the Federal Republic of Germany is still dealing with a few cases from 75yrs. ago.

The parallels to the USA of today are striking. Hitler sure knew how to rile up the hordes and so does Trump. When he calls armed bandits invading a state capitol "very fine people" it sends chills down my spine. I have a distinct feeling that history classes in the US never educated about what happened in Europe between 1933 and 1945. 
So many of these "very fine people" will probably say "the holocaust never happened". But wasn't your father or even grandfather part of the troops freeing Germany and its concentration camps?

If they are still alive you should go ask them, otherwise there is an overwhelming amount of authentic film and photo footage available. 

Take a look.


  1. If you Dislike President Trump and our wonderful country why do yo come here?

    1. With Trump in the WH and about 25mill brainwashed idiots your counbtry is not wonderful anymore.

  2. Why do Canadians get involved in our politics. We could care less about yours and we don’t comment on all the foolishness of yours.

    1. Only a dumb American can ask such a silly question. You living under a rock? You been born in the backwoods? What's currently going on in your f***ed up country is very much affecting Canada, (and the rest of the world) f.e.x right now the closed border which most likely will stay closed all summer. If your ndumbass of a president hadn't ignored the coming pandemic the whole shit could be over in a month. 68,000 Americans have died because of your so-called president is a dumbfuck.

  3. There is no excuse for "very fine" people to be bringing weapons inside a government building,at some point,the lunacy of our nation will erupt into another mass shooting and civil war.I applaud Justin Trudeau's leadership in banning assault type weapons.

  4. Yup!!!......
    The train is coming for them next.....Idiots....Oh well............


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