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Friday, May 29, 2020

The Dumbest Comment Of the Year

Hello folks!
How are you? Today I would like to present you with the dumbest comment of the year. Well, the year 2020 is not even half gone, who knows what's still in store.

I did not publish this one in the comment section as it was signed "anonymous" and as such does not qualify there. But for entertainment it is quite interesting. It also shows again how stupid and brainwashed people really are. So have a look:

"Why don't you fellas load your happy butts up and go to Russia or China to see what socialism is really like and then you won't be preaching it for us!!! You won't be able to preach AT ALL!!! Bye now!! 

So what are we noticing here? First of all we have the eye-popping believe that both China and Russia are socialist countries. Let go, that their governments are widely different, but what they have in common is that they do not practice SOCIALISM. The Federal Republic of Russia has become an OLIGARCHY where money and the MAFIA rules every-day life. This happens to be the same goal Mr. Trump is working after. He is just these days following Putin's playbook.

The People's Republic of China has a formal communist government, with a strong capitalist undertone. There certainly is no socialism present in that country either. If the brainless commenter here had known just a tiny little bit about socialism, he could have mentioned NORWAY, SWEDEN or DENMARK. Under their democratic socialism all three of them prospered to be between the richest  industrialized nations in the world. And besides of practicing democratic socialism they are also monarchies with Royal Families representing their respective countries.

But, OK, he/she doesn't know that.

What he/she also thinks is that people cannot "preach", aka have the right of free speech, under a socialist system. Again, his/her failing education shows through once more. 

It is especially in countries with democratic socialism that people enjoy being able to voice their concerns and take influence in the political process. Countries like Russia and China do not permit such freedom, because they do not embrace socialism. Again, we have a parallel to the current efforts of the Trump administration and the GOP. Voter suppression is their way how they want to stay in power. Also they view the free press as the enemy of the people. The latter statement has been used in China, Russia and every other dictatorship in the world.

Now, I am not surprised to hear and read folly comments like the one above, when they originate from an American (or Canadian) who has never travelled anywhere outside of North America.

So next time, Mr./Mrs. Anonymous, before you comment again, you should start using what is commonly called brain. 
Back to school!

1 comment:

  1. Who wants to read the writings of someone who refuses to own up to their opinions and will not engage in some dialogue?The problem in these writings, and others like them, is that a person can sling mud from the dark room of anonymity and the allegations may or may not even be true. There can be no questioning, no cross examination, no probing for hidden motives, and no challenging the truth of the allegations. Why should these statements be given any kind of credibility.


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