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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Even A Dog Can Learn Norwegian

Most of the daily food preparation in our household is done by me, and especially supper. From our many year's stay in Norway we have maintained the custom of calling out "MAT" (Food) when supper is ready and everybody can come to eat. So I usually call out "MAT" when Bea can come to the table.

Our smart dog Dixie has noticed that when ever we have eaten she also gets her bowl of food. So she has combined the word MAT with getting fed. This learning process has taken place without our intention. We never thought that she would snap up a word like that and combine it with something happening afterwards.

So now, whenever I call that magic word, Dixie runs into the living room making Bea drop everything she has in hands and get to the table pronto, knowing that afterwards it'll be her turn to get served.

But it has gotten even further. MAT has now become the emergency call if Dixie needs to come to us right away. Of course, we better make darn sure that we have a goodie for her once she has come.

If you are one who knew our previous dog Molly, you would also know that also Molly knew certain commands in Norwegian or even German. The ability of dogs understanding our commands and language makes me personally feel insufficient as I cannot say that I always understand what my dog is trying to tell me, at least I believe it is only a fraction of what I am able to understand. And maybe that's one of the reasons why dogs and humans have this very special relationship of living together in the same house.


  1. Nice that Dixie is learning another language. Like you said if only we could understand better what they are trying to say.


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