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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

A Sunny Morning In The City

This morning a change of temperature to the better, together with nice sunshine made me take a walk on my own.
From my brother's home down to the harbour is not far. So I strolled along the water front watching fishermen selling their catch to the public.
This is something I grew up with, but fishing vessels were considerably bigger in those days. Restrictive quota have taken their toll on the fishing industry, as they have in many coastal communities around the world.

Over the last decades the outer harbour area has taken on a different shape. New buildings have been put up, many of them sporting little Cafe's or snack restaurants.  "Fischbrötchen" (Buns with fish) are offered from many mobile units.
And windjammers along the pier are advertising for sailing trips.

I strolled farther along "Jungfernstieg" (Maiden Street) where house fronts have preserved their old-town style. 

The chimney of the last smoke house is protruding above old town

"Kieler Strasse" (Kiel Street) where you find most stores, was busy again. Only very few of the businesses remain from the days of my youth. When I was a boy traffic was going back and forth here, but several decades ago it was converted into a pedestrian zone. 
Every box a different sort of apple

Right next to it is market square where vendors are offering delicious sausages on buns, smoked fish delicacies, hundreds of different cheeses and finally vegetables and fruits. A real dorado for discriminating foodies. I just wish we had a bit of that near Campobello.


  1. Love the main streets being closed to vehicles and the cobblestones. Haven't had Shaschlick in years.There are a few good German restaurants here in the US where I can find hasenpfeffer.

  2. Love the scenery there the harbor and old town feel of the market area. Amazing how some things change and some stay the same over the years. Enjoy your time there.


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