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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Between Crocus And History. A City Walk.

When one lives on the coast one has to learn to take advantage of nice weather when the chance offers itself. And Friday was such a day. The sun was out, skies were blue and we all went for a walk. Right across from my little brother's home is a large cemetery. 

It is teeming with crocus in bloom. So we had to go see that. Millions and millions of small blue and white crocus are indeed covering the far-stretched grounds.

  We continued our walk down to the "Promenade", which offers grand views across the harbour. 

The old round grain elevator is still the hallmark of this area. When I was a boy it was still in use and the farmers arrived with their tractors and trailers emptying their harvest in the elevator. Then the air was a mix of fresh grain and fish. During those long-gone days the harbour was filled with fishing vessels, often 2 or 3 aside of each other. And fish was smoked in many buildings downtown. Most of it was mackerel and herring. 
Large buildings are witnessing about former wealth
The sun had brought out many people and I could tell that many were visitors to my city as they were sporting cameras or, like myself, were using the cell phones to snap off some pictures. 
We followed the "promenade" all the way to the yacht club and beyond. A tall forest lies above the Navy Port and we heading into the forest to possibly see the big cranes building their nests atop the trees. 
Most of these trees are beech trees.  Their mossy-green trunks were casting an eerie shine around. We looked up...and way above us we saw the big birds being busy building their nests. Obviously, some of them were already sitting on their eggs.
For me it was a walk down memory lane. So many times I had been here, when I was a boy. I left the city 41 years ago, yet some pictures will never leave.

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