Friday, April 27, 2018

Sunny Days Are Here Again

Having a dog, and a young one in particular, one has to be committed to do the daily walking. Besides of getting you a balanced dog, daily walking is healthy, much healthier than spending the day on the couch. Besides, I am far too active to spend days on the couch. Like right now I have no choice but to do it - despite the sunny weather. Two days ago I jammed a nail into my foot and it went far into my left foot. The pain was --- excruciating. So yesterday I saw the Doc and got Tetanus and antibiotics. "Put your foot up and don't walk", said the Doc. Yet, my foot is swollen up and red with an inflammation. Having me on the couch is a pain in the butt for Bea. She knows my patience as a patient is very limited.
So right now there are just memories for walking the beach with Dixie and Bea. It's only a few days ago that we had the most wonderful hike along the beach. Just look at the blue sky and ocean. Those days are the best, a treasure in the memory box.

Some times when I drive down to the beach the wind blows right off the water, making it really cold. Then I rather take the trail through the woods. Dixie enjoys it even more. Last time we did that, I couldn't see Dixie anymore. I knew she wasn't ahead of me, so I turned around and started calling her. But she didn't turn up.Then, after several more minutes, all of a sudden, she shot out of a stand of little spruce trees, crossing our path and taking a stance 12ft on the other side of the trail. Out of her mouth I saw the remains of a little animal cadaver hanging. She was eager to eat the whole thing. I shouted "NOOO DIXIE", but she couldn't care less. I heard bones breaking and, make no mistake, she was enjoying her self-found meal.
Leaving the trail, I ran over to her to put her on the leash, but my left foot stepped through the mossy ground cover, landing in a swampy hole 1 ft. down. Pulling out my leg I lost my shoe which now was slowly filling with brown water. 
Standing on one leg, I grabbed the shoe emptied out the water and put it back on. Brrr...was that cold. Meanwhile, Dixie had finished off her supper, licking the ground just a last time, before I got her on the leash pulling her away.

Back home she laid herself down for a prolonged rest. In fact, she slept through the entire evening.


  1. So sorry about your foot. Hope it heals quickly. I couldn't keep up with a puppy. I have trouble keeping up with our two old mutts.

  2. Well you'll just have to follow the doctor's advice and sit out on the porch with your foot up enjoying the sun....get well soon.

  3. Alway nice to get out for nice long walks when you, Hope you foot heals quickly and you can get out and about again soon.


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