Thursday, May 3, 2018

Dixie Got A Boy Friend

Our Dixie got a boy friend. His name is BEAU, and he's is about a year older than Dixie and about 20 pounds heavier, cause he is a retriever and retrievers eat a lot, at least if they get the chance. But Dixie stands a little taller than Beau. 

So quite often Dixie gets to romp around the beach and other open places with her friend. If biting into ears is a sign of love than we know Dixie is in love with Beau. And what's Beau doing? He rams Dixie from the side and she rolls around. Both explore the many ponds of standing water in the parks. It remains unclear why Beau is rolling in the mud, while Dixie prefers to stay away from the dirtiest business. Maybe it's because she is gal?
Bea has taken all those pics. It'll be a good memory once Dixie nears her older days.

  Hm... nice ear you got!


  1. Beau is the spitting image of my boy Jackson. He's a Cream Golden Retriever. And yes goldens LOVE mud and water, the dirtier the better. AND they adore their food. He will be a very gentle friend for her. They are gentle souls.

  2. It's good to have a friend to play with .

  3. Love Bea's pictures will be great memories of Dixie in the future.

  4. Looks like the are having a great time together! These photos are great, looks like a fun day for everyone. Thanks for the share, keep up the posts. Have a nice weekend.
    Greg Prosmushkin

  5. Meanwhile Dixie got a girl friend as well. It's the poodle "Summer" from Florida. See the pics of them at


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