Saturday, March 3, 2018

A Little "Breezy" On Campobello

It is a well-known fact that storms are more common during spring and fall than during summer months, at least I think around our northern neck of the woods. Leaving February behind we got it a bit "breezy" around the island. Additional excitement is promised by the full moon which always causes the tides to rise and fall to the extremes. Yesterday's high tide was at 7.88m (26ft) and with the wind pushing waters up against the shore, the waves reached the top of the beach and washed into the outlet of Lake Glensevern.
 Leading a conversation was difficult as we almost had to shout to each other, the crashing waves causing such a continuous thunder.
The big nature show as we love it so much out here, had entered the grand stage, and it is far from being over yet. The "fresh breeze" (lol) as one could read in the German "" service is continuing throughout the day today. And I realize that we got off this storm the easy way, if we compare with f.e.x. Massachusetts, where the Boston harbour area is under water and many had to be evacuated. Over a million people have lost power along the eastern seaboard.


  1. Always interesting along the seashore with the high tides and thunderous wave hitting the shore. At least you were safe from it. Keep warm.

  2. I have to confess that I was somewhat unaware of just how severe this storm was until I happened to see it on the news. Yikes! That was quite the storm surge.

  3. Got a message from Central Maine Power,that our electricity was out....but we're ok with that as we are in our Florida home until mid April.


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