Saturday, March 24, 2018

No More Thoughts, No More Prayers. THIS IS MASSIVE

And I am impressed about the young generation, the students, many of them losing their friends and siblings in meaningless gun fire in a place which has failed to keep them safe, their schools and colleges. 

This is the time for the "Good Ole Boys" throughout the United States, to drop off their assault weapons. This is the time for the government to show a last piece of spine in protecting the citizens of the U.S. against senseless killing sprees. Tell the NRA to go F*ck themselves. Kick them out of politics, rate them for what they really are, a terrorist organization. And prosecute them to the full extent of the law. If the law has been corrupted under previous governments, then change the law NOW.

The nation-wide "Marches for our Lives" have mobilized hundreds of thousands and even other countries have joined in solidarity. America MUST change its gun laws. And of course the next goal of these wonderful young people is the midterm elections. Be sure that no gun enthusiast, no NRA rep will get their vote. These young people will change the course of the U.S. 


  1. I stood up and supported a movement to remove a hypocritical conservative NRA member from Maine politics who thought he had the race sewn up as he ran unopposed....I'm proud of those students and hope their parents will also help us defeat the NRA agenda in November.

  2. What these kids are doing is amazing! And they will all be voting, if not this November, in 2020. We now have some hope. With their votes and the votes of all of the people who now know that Trump duped them we will someday again have a sane government.

  3. The other side of the coin today is that the 2nd Amendment supporters just raised a ton of money through their organizations. And gun sales are probably up. Just saying..

  4. I have joined GOA, an organization which will not give an inch on 2nd Amendment rights. I am 2nd of 3 generation military and will never give up weapons that have saved my life fighting cartel members and jihadists in THIS country.
    We are both subsidizing and prey to illegal invader hordes. From the beginning of barry's OO occupation federal law enforcement has been moribund and corrupted. If you do not live in a sanctuary city, count your blessings. Take yourself to Breitbart and read accounts from England, France and Germany. Waves of our future.
    Gun controll is the slope to weapons confiscation. Only stupid sheep follow manipulative devious shepherds. Aren't communist public schools sufficient warning?
    Leftist talking points are brain stifling ignorance.

  5. Conservative talking points are brain stifling ignorance. I am also 2nd generation military and former NRA member gun owner....who does not feel the need to have a AK47 or an anti tank gun in my arsenal for bird or deer hunting. You and Not MY President sicken me!

  6. Ignorance is its own reward. You will enjoy defending your homes with your not so lethal talking points. If you live on the west coast, when you look up that object you see bearing down will not be Superman. You are PIECE-MAKERS, far from being peacemakers.
    The marching robots should be taken to view Auschwitz and Dachau memorial ovens--a lesson in gun confiscation. Would you have fought for the Brits in the Revolution or hidden in your fruit cellars? How truly shameful.

  7. Good grief! You cited all incidents during Obama's reign. Where were the marches and outrage then?? This uprising is nothing more than an anti-Trump movement. The 2nd Amendment won't change unless there is a Constitutional Convention. Yesterday was noisy and a great day for gun supporters--like I said--they raised a ton of money.

  8. You guys really think that WWIII will not reach American soil. The muslim combatants are already here. Illegal invaders aplenty and radicalization in prisons. When the violence comes to your neighborhood, will you be the infidels to be killed or find an armed GOA or NRA member to hide behind. And if you cannot get the message from no-gun-zone Chicago, you are indeed void of logical thinking processes. Do you have families you are willing to sacrifice to your wrong headedness? The bad guys will ALWAYS have weapons.

  9. My you cannuks are so understanding. Something must be amiss though. Your enfante Trudeau is sending emmisaries to our sanctuary cities to dissuade further immigration to Canada.
    Perhaps those you have welcomed are leaving your fields not so litter free and cities unsafe. Are those ceramic tiles in the Toronto Tube still pristine white?
    Looking well beyond our borders I note the horrendous conditions in Europe, Syria, the Mideast and Africa. And Australia has this island packed with nut jobs they are trying to pawn off.
    Every American household needs hand guns and long guns.
    You didn't answer the question:
    Will you be the sacrificial infidels or hide behind your armed neighbors? Dead is dead you know.


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