Friday, March 23, 2018

And Here I Am Again...With Headaches

Between all common maladies of coughing, fever, sinus problems and other every-day illnesses, headaches are the most debilitating for me. It's like I feel nailed to the couch, a never ending tiredness pushing me into the pillows. I sleep 9hrs at night and another 5 on the couch. And that is exactly what I have been doing yesterday and a good part of today. Tylenols are like candy and don't show any effect, which was the reason why I sent Bea to the pharmacy this morning to get more appropriate remedies. And she brought some capsules filled with a yellowish content, Ibuprofen being one of the ingredients. To my huge surprise, the stuff got me pain free within the hour. 3 hours later I took another one and I am feeling like new. 
Since it is only 3 more days until I have to endure a 12hr. flight to Germany, encompassing 2 plane changes, I was getting seriously worried that I had caught the flu. After all, there would have been plenty opportunity, as I had been traveling more than 2000 miles back home from Manitoba, staying in motels and eating in restaurants. Besides, that is precisely the reason why we preferred and enjoyed the RV-lifestyle. Sleeping in your own bed and eating your own food has the potential to keep you out of trouble.  
As I am still killing hours on the couch, I have company from Dixie, who is looking after dad, making sure he is still alive. You just can't beat the loyalty of a dog. I am sure they feel when something is not right or normal. Dixie has now reached a size of a small calf. At 7.5 months she still has more growth coming. We are more than curious to see what weight she eventually will end up with.

Yesterday we had what I hope will be the last snow day for our area. It was coming down so vision was kind of limited to the next house, but luckily temps were slightly above freezing, so we didn't get much accumulated snow on the ground and the next few days will be well above freezing, so whatever we have of snow still around, should be gone quickly. And it's about time that winter is moving on and out.


  1. Glad you're feeling better und gute reise nach deutschland !

  2. Nice to get rid of that headache andiron be ready to fly away. Another reason we love the rv lifestyle as well.


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