Thursday, March 15, 2018

The End

After precisely 7 days away from home I am back. The last leg of this trip was largely uneventful. After stopping at the hotel in Sturbridge, I got out around 9am and was amazed that I got the car out of the snow without major problems. Btw. the Days Inn in Sturbridge, MA is a no no to stay at. The room was smelly, dated and dirty. They also do price-gouging. While they offer an online booking for $50/night they were asking unreasonable $179 under this last storm. It doesn't help arguing with staff, they have instructions not to give in.
The place is in the hands of east-indian staff and they have racked up a barage of really bad reviews on TripAdvisor. If this would be my business I would be ashamed of it every day.

The roads home were clear of snow, however the "victims" of last night were still in the ditches, some being under towing that morning.

Getting into Maine I felt like I was the only driver all along. It was still snowing like crazy when I got to Bangor, ME. But it did not stick to the road. Even coastal Rte. 1 was OK to drive.

Arriving home I was greeted by a happy Bea and a ditto happy Dixie. Having not seen Dixie for a week it seemed to me she had grown substantially again. Such a happy puppy she is. 

Love being home again.


  1. Nice that you are now back home again arriving safely with your new to you car.

  2. Glad to see you home again safe and sound.

  3. Good to hear Peter. Enjoy the Benz.


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