Thursday, November 16, 2017

She’s A Quick Learner

The last 4 days Dixie has shown us that she is an amazing learner. Not only has she understood that her P+P business has to be made outside, but she has also started to let us know when it is necessary to step outside. She has also understood that there are two adults in this household and that anybody else doesn’t belong and needs to be met with caution. But maybe the most amazing progress has been that she now sleeps through the night. And I have also smartened up by getting off that couch and rather put the couch pillows on the floor where I can actually stretch out my 6ft. body length. The last 2 nights I have been resting with my head only inches from her crate. We went out at 5am and went to sleep again. Now, THAT is my kind of puppy.

The stream of visitors coming by our house has not subsided. I need to start the coffee maker again. Smile
1-DSC_0016 Murals on a barn wall in Maine
1-20171112_090428Fall leaves under water
1-DSC_0100 1-DSC_0078
While I was driving Bea had been looking out for birds

Not only has Dixie proven to be very smart, but she is also very playful, affectionate and lovable. And she likes to put smooches into my face.

The video below (Dixie’s Play) is a bit long so I put it on YouTube.


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